Business and Real Estate Litigation

Individual, business and commercial clients, large and small, are under enormous and continuing pressure to control the cost of outside litigation and transaction services. Similarly, property owners are seeing volatility in the Real Estate market and mounting pressures on those who see Real Estate as investments.

This is especially true for businesses and real estate clients throughout Southern California. However, the California Bar, the legislature, and the courts have been sluggish in responding to this need.

At Bennett & Ginzburg, we advocate a long-term relationship philosophy with our clients. Accordingly, we have seized the initiative with respect to the control and management of litigation costs. It is our intent to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Thus, we work to provide the finest of legal services, comparable with those of the largest commercial firms, at competitive prices.

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What To Expect At Bennett & Ginzburg

With decades of experience handling civil litigation matters involving business and/or real estate issues, our attorneys have the skills to meet your business and real estate needs. Whether you are engaged in a legal dispute with a business associate, employee or customer, Bennett & Ginzburg has the team of attorneys you need. We also handle all varieties of real estate disputes, including disputes arising over a sales transaction, failure to disclose issues, and disputes over ownership and control.

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Los Angeles Area Business Law and Real Estate Attorneys

We are prepared to put nearly 30 years of experience to work for you. Our business law and real estate services include: