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Handling Step-Parent And Second Parent Adoptions

Located in Beverly Hills, Bennett & Ginzburg provide experienced representation in the area of adoption to clients throughout Southern California. Our firm features two attorneys who are also Certified Family Law Specialists.* One of those Family Law Specialists is one of our founders, Roberta Bennett, who also pioneered second-parent adoptions in Southern California. She has been named by California Super Lawyers magazine as one of the top family law attorneys in California and has extensive experience with all types of domestic adoptions.

With nearly 30 years of family law experience, the family law attorneys of Bennett & Ginzburg can provide you the support and knowledge you need, as well as represent your interests and help you avoid complications after the adoption process is complete.

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Adoption Attorneys Serving Los Angles and the Surrounding Areas

We help both opposite-sex couples and LGBTQ couples as well as single individuals interested in adoption. Whether or not you are in a marriage, have a registered domestic partnership or are cohabitating, we can help. We handle a wide range of issues related to adoption, including:

  • Adoption of children: In California, single individuals and both opposite-sex and same-sex couples may legally adopt children by following particular legal steps that result in a court issued adoption decree, which may include the termination of another parent’s legal rights. Depending on the circumstances of the adoption, the legal steps may be relatively simple or they may be more onerous and complex.
  • Stepparent adoption: The adoption of a spouse or registered domestic partner’s child is referred to as a “step-parent” adoption and is very common in California. Often the rights of a third-party parent must be voluntarily terminated.
  • Second parent adoptions: The adoption of a child of another person who is not a spouse or registered domestic partner (i.e. a partner with whom one cohabits) is also permissible in California thanks to the pioneering work of our founder, Roberta Bennett.
  • Adult adoption: California allows individuals and couples to adopt other adults in a variety of circumstances. Often this is done to establish legal recognition of a parental relationship that was never previously legalized, as in cases where a person was raised by someone that was not his or her parent(s). Sometimes this is done for inheritance purposes.
  • Other adoption issues: Occasionally, individuals need legal counseling regarding adoption proceedings even when they are not the party petitioning for the adoption. For example, parents who are subject to having their rights terminated are often in need of legal representation or counseling. Additionally, intended parents may benefit from legal counseling in advance of the birth of a child because some actions may be taken to simplify a later adoption and/or avoid potential pitfalls, such as completing voluntary declarations of parentage.

*Certification by the California Board of Legal Specialization.