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Premarital Agreements & Business Ownership

One of the more common reasons to seek a relationship agreement prior to marriage is to protect the integrity and financial security of a previously owned business. By segregating a business from the marital estate, it allows the business to remain untouched by any division of marital assets in a later divorce. This is good not only for the business, but it can also make the division of assets much simpler and the divorce proceeding less costly should divorce occur.

At the Beverly Hills law office of Bennett & Ginzburg our legal team works with business owners and spouses-to-be by creating prenuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements, and business partnership agreements that define the ownership of business assets. We craft documents as unique as your business and your relationship, ensuring that your interests are protected and that your premarital agreement holds up to judicial scrutiny should it be challenged in court.

Our legal team has nearly 30 years of experience in California family law and can bring a high degree of skill to a case involving business owner divorce. Two of our attorneys are Certified Family Law Specialists.* Founding partner Roberta Bennett has been named by California Super Lawyers magazine as one of the top family law attorneys in California.

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Business Owner Divorce and Court Challenges to Premarital Agreements

If you signed away your interest to a business in a premarital agreement years ago but then during your marriage became an important partner in the operation of the business, there may be grounds to challenge the premarital agreement. In some cases, the courts have found a premarital agreement to be invalid because of its essential unfairness to one of the partners.

*Certification by the California Board of Legal Specialization.